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Finally I got rid off Wordpress and moved to handmade static site generator. I started this site about 4 years ago with Joomla, than transfer it to Wordpress and now it’s pure static html. To achieve it I’ve made static html generator that generates site from mustache templates. All english posts and pages were converted from Wordpress to mustache templates.


  1. It’s quite painful to create posts with embedded javascript/iframe and anything that differs from cats pictures. I need to find plugins that support iframe and javascript posting compatible with my current version of Wordpress. If you suddenly upgrade Wordpress these plugins becomes incompatible and as a result all your beautiful posts become a mess.
  2. To run Wordpress site I need Nginx (or any other web server) + PHP + MySQL. Now I need only Nginx. For the same reason it’s much easier to backup/restore your site because there is only bunch of files. I store whole site in mercurial repo which is very convenient for deployment.

Posting process:

  • create mustache template contains post content;
  • run deploy script: on local machine compile mustache to html, hg commit, hg push. On vps - hg pull -u. One script do all these things;
  • all these things I can do with my favorite IDE which is Intellij IDEA.

So blogging now looks like usual software development. And, of course, speed of site increased significantly.

Summary of technologies:

The same transition I’ve made for my ngflex project. It was quite complicated because of it bilingual nature. I’ve managed it with nginx configuration: nginx detects user language by browser settings.

Now I have full control over content of my sites:-)

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